Wet Nitrous Injection For Acura Integra

Wet Nitrous Injection For Acura Integra

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Wet Nitrous Injection For Acura Integra

The Acura Integra was an amazing automotive and still is however sadly enough it’s now not in production. The Acura Intgra is still a very sought after vehicle mainly due to its famed Type-R, GS-R engine. This was a 1.8L engine with 16 valves, belt-driven, dual overhead camshafts with Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) system that is capable of produced 195Hp @ 8000 RPM. Not unfortunate considering that the majority of the muscle machines of the 60s solely made 250Hp stock.

Now add headers, turbocharger and a cold air intake and you can push that puppy up to 350hp. The Camaro Z28, 350 LT-1 only produced 300Hp stock and the Integra is a fraction of the weight, not too shabby.
Wows now let?s add Nitrous Oxide Injection to give us that last minute extra boost of Horsepower so we can blow away all the competition. Sweet you think.

Wet chemical element kits provide the Acura integra, a tremendous power boost. Anywhere from to 25 HP to 200 HP for about $650.00, wet nitrous kits are the way to produce great amounts of power for a short burst. Nitrous kits provide state of the art technology, to guarantee that your car operate properly when using nitrous. These kits take about 2 hours to install and are pretty simple to install.

The kits of today’s world give you two security measures. The first is Active fuel control, (which is patented by ZEX a nitrous company), is computer hardware that connects to your ECU to monitor if your car is running to lean, or to made this will have devastating effects if it will. This system is intended to regulate the flow of chemical element, or cut it off in general if this error occurs. The second is Wide Open Throttle observation is that the apply of cathartic your chemical element from your kits bottle solely at WOT. This is a security live, as a result of you would like a lot of fuel within the combustion chamber for the chemical element.

These 2 systems together are what protect the prolonged the life of the motor. They protect it from any negative effects that can arise from the use of nitrous kits. In the past nitrous kits got a bad rap for being unreliable. But thanks to today’s technology all that can be pushed aside as past fairy tales. Protecting your engine is 90 percent of the tuning field; the plug and play action does it for you.

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